Three Words.dox

Cleaning out the computer. I am looking for those small writings or longer ones that have gone on that misbehaving adult called FB and which I could post here also. Rather, I would like to have a more timely place to write, share, sing, digress, get to the point, ponder, wonder, buzz like a bee to a flower or tell stories. And found this in the file called “WRITINGS”.

I think this encouraging list may be from the breath work training that I went through here in Finland with Minna Martin and Rauni Toffer (Hengityskouluohjaaja- tai Hengitys itsesäätelyn ja vuorovaikutuksen tukena – Breath Coach/Breathing as a tool for self-regulation and self-reflection). We did something similar in Conscious and Re-birthing Breathwork training in Estonia with Rani Spets, Sophia Sjöblom, and Bo Wahlström.

Either way, this is like swallowing a little pill of confirmation, or maybe like petting ones own head and doing some self-talk!

I have this memory of writing for each woman in the group three characteristics – ominaisuudet – that I had become aware of during the studies together on a slip of paper. Each time we wrote we folded it over and down, covering the previous comment. We were instructed to hide it away and then open it up during a time we were feeling not worthy, down in the dumps.

No, no need to go into what was the down in the dumps part of my life. Just to say, I did open it when I felt like crap. And now cleaning the place out, this is power- all encompassing power- to keep on. The fan itself is in the folder I suppose, of the education course. Or maybe burned up in the big brick oven or sauna. Either way, today it feels wonderful to read these words found buried in an obscure place in the computer entitled Three words.dox

Suorapuheinen, rehti ja huumorintajuinen.

suorapuheinen, reilu ja huumorintajuinen

Räväkkä, voimakastahtoinen ja erityslaatuinen

Curious, authentic, determined

Vahva/voimakas/sisu näiden lisäksi mitä on edellä

Itsevarma, seikkaija, mystinen

Funny, charismatic, authentic!

vakava, itsellinen, kiinnostava

Luova, Tietoinen, Opettaja.

yritteliäs, idearikas, valoisa

Intuitiivinen, aikaansaava, kokeileva

Aito, salaperäinen, vaativa

Naisellinen, rohkea, iloinen

Voimakas, helmeilevä, maaginen

Iloinen, aito, energinen 

Kaunis, voimakas, tietäjä

Nopea, energinen, syvä, sydämellinen. Ohhoh tuli vahingossa 4.

Witty earthy and kind

Naisellinen, lämmin ja läsnäoleva

Mukava, rento ja vahva

Witty, strong-willed, authentic

bright, intense, passionate


Playful, wise, compassionate

Humorous powerful connected

Energinen, luova, iloinen

Aito, kuunteleva, osaava

Maadoittava, herkkä, voimauttava

Integral. Embodied. Beauty-full

huumorintajuinen, vaativa, sydämellinen, väärentämätön

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