There is no separation

Use it, Value it… those words remind me of many words which have been spoken… and the reason for the genocide, ecocide, reservations, etc. Also there is a difference between being made in the image of something and being a part of it. Mother Earth, the land, the trees, all beings swimming flying digging running… are part of the Creator… and humans also. And as being part of – and not made in – we share. In this sense we are equal- but each has their own gifts, teachings, fooleries, wisdom… and not one is less than another. The Natural World and Customs teach very differently from what you wrote. Because you leave out the rest of the sentence and it is there: use it, value it, wisely….

Who is determining the Wisely? The community/the People/the interconnectedness of ALL creatures and recognising and working with that? If I use anything, it is to use the knowledge that the Land teaches-shows me-and over time-.

A Natural World lives and breathes and is interconnected. One cannot use and value wisely if one does not take in to consideration the WHOLE. This general “christian “Western”” and any war-oriented/rape-oriented dogma has led the world into ecocide, genocide, power struggles, comparison ideology: those who have and those who don’t; give with the left hand and take with the right-if one knows where the right is. Those who Know best and will do what they have to to convince coerce – all in the name of a God or Gods… destroying, burning, killing, putting down, silencing, being aggressive, racism, segregation….

Material culture is passed on… more stuff, more garbage, massive destruction, more bigger and better…all professing to be Western – to be christian… all singing this same song. I cannot swallow those words nor sit back and let them just be there. It sounds like dogma. I am not made in His image. I am not a likeness. I am part. Creation is not separate from me, which is how that phrase implies. All are Created… all are part of the creation. There is no separation. My honouring is for all around, below, above me-seen and unseen. My view is circular or better even is the spiral. I am here to revel in the land; nurture, take care of, because if I do not, she will not take care of me nor my descendants.

9 November 2017

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