The Thing with Ceremony

The Thing with Ceremony Why am I special? I am not. What is real ceremony? You are in the center You are the one giving A place of honour A place of sacrifice You always have a payment There is a cost for being In the centre of ceremony To being the main dancer ToContinue reading “The Thing with Ceremony”

Raven Song I

Sometimes the Ravens come out of my drum Talking and squawking and chirping and telling me things. Making fun of my serious life, showing me that I am still here and they too. Sometimes they fly out of my drum in a small group of one after the other just pop out of my drum.Continue reading “Raven Song I”


Hiki. Hiki. Hiki. Valuu Märkää hiukset Vesi valuu otsalta Sydämestä Napasta J o k a  i k i s e s t ä solusta Nyt heti  Ei huomenna ja ei eiliseltä Lantio, kädet, pää, sormet, reidät, jalat, selkä, takkumik, olkapäät, niska, huulet,  Ilot, surut, ekstaasi, rakkaus, yhteisö, yksin ja yhdessä, lämmin, kuuma, täydellinen, ydin SydänContinue reading “Tanssi”

A Questionnaire of Sacred Places

Wanderings, wonderings and ponderings on questionnaires, the land, gifting, purpose and power of stories of sacred places.

Healing Song: Mother

Visceral, multi-sensorial overwhelming on the everylittletinymolecularcelllevel I feel this weight. This strength. I am one with this tower of mothers.


How are we to know what is best for a place except by listening to those who live alongside and with the land? Biodiversity and the well-being of ALL KIN in that area needs to be considered.

There is really nothing in the Finnish forest or waters that is dangerous. We bring that with us

Yesterday a walk through forest to river. This forest lies between our place and the river.  I was looking for a remoter place by the water for ceremony work. I know Ahlström Family/Ltd had been around in the area thinning, yet, well, how do four-leggeds get through this?  If we have ”every ones rights” toContinue reading “There is really nothing in the Finnish forest or waters that is dangerous. We bring that with us”


Viis’ karhun kynnet Lähtee raapimaan  Iho veristän Ketä ei voi auttaa Kun iho aukea Jätä miun yksin Kuinka selviä? Kova on sen kieli Metsään lähtee mieli Sota aina on Suosilmä imee Mistä voin karkuu? Kun koti aina on Sydämeni halkeaa Kivet sortumaan Tulipesä sammuu Sydän itkemää Iho repimään Metsään kulkee yksin Viis’ karhun kynnet SydänContinue reading “VANHA KIPU, KOUVONI”

There is no separation

Use it, Value it… those words remind me of many words which have been spoken… and the reason for the genocide, ecocide, reservations, etc. Also there is a difference between being made in the image of something and being a part of it. Mother Earth, the land, the trees, all beings swimming flying digging running…Continue reading “There is no separation”